• Who are you? / 47creatives is a community of top level artists. its a hiring platform of vetted creative specialists on demand.
  • Will I get a project estimation before the start? / of course. give us the requirements and details on your projects, and we’ll crunch the numbers to tell you how many hours and people it takes. You can use this number to project the total cost.
  • What technologies do you work with? / 3d, 2d, voxel, pixel graphics, motions graphics, full cycle video production, copywriting, audio production and sound design and more.
  • Do i own the ip? / yes you own it 100%. but don’t hold yourself to sign any additional docs if needed.

getting started

  • How do we start / It takes a few steps. First fill out this form and let our manager contact you for details. Get matched with pro’s according to your needs. Make a payment and get the job done.
  • How do I get my tasks done? / There are three simple steps for you. First, we’ll ask you a couple of questions about the projects. Then we’ll offer the best-fitting solutions with deadlines and budgeting. After that, it is time to fund your account and get things up to speed.
  • How long does it take to start the project? / It depends on the scope and requirements of your projects. It takes from 24 to 48 hours on average to find a perfect match and up to two more days to start working.


  • How does your billing work? / According to chosen plan. At first you sign up for a XX-hour/week plan. Your project’s creatives will report the amount of hours spent on your projects on a weekly basis.
  • When will be I billed? / We bill every Monday according to the previous week’s hours reported by the creatives.
  • What payment options you have / Our systems work like a weekly subscription of a project base fee. Payments are made by bank transfer we also accept crypto.


  • I don’t like the creative / no worries - just contact us immediately and we suggest more candidates
  • I’m not satisfied with creative ’s work - how can I get a refund? / let us sort it out for you. Please, start with filing your claim to .
  • I have an issue with the workflow / please, let us know immediately. We will get in touch right away.